Getting Paid

Getting Paid

1. With most GPT sites, you’ll have to request to get paid. It’s referred to as “cashout” or “withdraw”. Almost all GPTs pay on the same schedule. For all withdraw requests put in before 11:59PM EST on the last day of the month, you will be paid by the 25th of the next month, possibly sooner. Check with the terms of the website you join, they may have a different schedule.

2. Most GPT programs pay by check and/or paypal. To accept paypal payments you will need to make sure that your account has been verified. To do this you will need to link your paypal to a checking account or credit card. It’s easy and safe.

3. You will need to submit a W9 tax form to each gpt program site once you reach $600 ($400 on some sites) in any given year. The gpt sites are obligated to report any earnings over $600. At the end of the year they will report your earnings to the IRS and will also send you a 1099 form showing your total earnings.

Income from gpt programs is considered “misc. earnings”. To learn more about filing “misc” earnings or to learn how your income from these programs will affect your filing status etc please contact the IRS.

Some Final Important Tips

DO NOT take any chances of getting your account deleted! You’ve worked hard for the money in your account;

DON’T give the admin a chance to take it all from you. Not only will they not pay you, you might get banned from coming back!!

1. Read the site’s terms and conditions and look for violations.

2. All sites require you to use real info. Just do it and don’t even try using the phonebook for address/numbers. The risk is not worth it. (but do use those free voicemail services as mention above)

3. Don’t allow anyone to signup at the same IP address (at the same place where you signup). And you shouldn’t signup at another member’s place.

4. All sites have this rule: you cannot complete the same offers at different sites. It’s fraud and it’s a major violation.

5. Be sure to take advantage of each site’s forums since they contain valuable information.

6. Curious about how a trial offer rates among other GPTer’s? Do a search for the offer at


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