How to Complete A GPT Offer

Find out How to Complete

GPT SiteOffers

1. Some sites have offer menu at the top, or when you login. If not, find and click on Members, then View Offers.

3. Click on the offer banner or the offer description to get to the advertiser’s site and complete offer.

2. Click this when you have completed the offer.

4. Some offers require an email confirmation. After you completed the offer, go to your email account and copy the email you received from the advertiser (including the header, date, time, etc). Then paste it in the form at the GPT site. For “Login ID”, enter the email you used when signing up for that offer.

5. Click this when you think you’ll never do this offer ever. It’ll move the offer to the “Ignored” folder.

6. It will then go into the “Pending” folder. * click on “browse folder”

7. Once the offer is approved, you’ll get an email (a new email for every offer approved). If it’s not approved, you won’t receive any emails. Check back at the site under “Pending” or “Denied”

If your offer stays pending longer than the stated trial period (usually 7 days), you can fill out a “non-credit request”. Along with the basic info such as date offer completed and offer name, you’ll need to paste confirmation emails that you received from the offer company and any screenshots would also help.

If it got denied, do the same thing and fill out a “non-credit request”.


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