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Tips for Credit Card-Needed GPT Offers

Offers that need your credit card is the way to go if you want to earn money fast. These can range from $10 to over $90 or more on each offer!

1. Watch out for unscrupulous offers. Some will have very tiny or easy to miss terms. Some will say it’s free but mean the trial offer is free AFTER they charge and then refund you. Some will just charge you what ever they want no matter what they say on their site. However, most sites will put everything in their terms so always refer to rule #1, READ first.

2. The best advice I got was to get pre-paid credit cards (you can get gift cards at any drug stores to start doing free trial offers). It’s the safest way when dealing with these ad companies online. Plus you’ll be safe if you ever get unauthorized charges even after you cancelled. (see the appendix for information on prepaid cards)

3. Look for phone numbers/contact info before paying. It’s hard to cancel when you don’t have their phone number. Depending of the site, even if they do provide a contact #, try calling it see how easy it is to get in touch with customer service or maybe even ask them to explain trial/cancellation terms.

4. If you sign up for a free trial, you’ll of course need to keep track and cancel before they start charging your card. As you start signing up for more and more trials, try to keep it organized. You can do all or some of the following.
• Take a screenshot of the order page or any other important site page (this is important in case you didn’t get credit for the offer, you’ll have proof)
• Save “terms & conditions page (go to file at top of browser and “save as”)
• Jot down on the calendar or in an appointment book when trials expire
• Keep a spreadsheet, notebook or index cards of the completed offers, with the following information:
* Date signed up
* Company name and website address
* Length of trial period and date to cancel by (highlight the date)
* Fee for activation (sometimes $1) or shipping/handling charge if one is involved (you might do a trail for a weight loss product, for example, in which you pay $3.95 for s/h but will earn $19 for completing the offer)
* Monthly/weekly fee involved if you fail to cancel
* Company phone number and/or instructions to cancel
* Reward for doing the offer

Remember, READ THE TERMS BEFORE SUBMITTING. Some of them enter you into an automatic program where they will charge you continuously until you cancel. Some require you to return their product and pay for the return shipping. This is okay and may still profit you; you just need to know up front.

Sometimes a company will have many different products. Make sure not to do the more than 2 offers at the same company within a short period of time.

Canceling Offers and Trials

1. Don’t cancel trials immediately, since the advertiser deemed it a fraudulent completion and you will not get credit

2. Even if you used a prepaid card: you MUST still cancel and if required, return their product!!
Why? This will ensure that offers will continue to accept prepaid cards and ensure more free trials in the future. If you don’t cancel or return required products, and they can’t charge you, they have a right to come after you. If they’re serious enough, they might be able to track you down and get a collections agency after you!

3. It’s important to document your cancellation in case the company fails to record your cancellation.
• Date I canceled
• Person I spoke with and their ID number or extension number (ask if they don’t tell you)
• Cancellation confirmation number (ask for one if they don’t offer it)
• Make note if you received and printed out an email confirming your cancellation (place printed confirmation in folder)

4. Get SPECIFIC instructions on returns.
• Is there a deadline to return?
• Do you need a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number?
• Do I even have to return anything? (sometimes you don’t have to)
• Do I have to return everything in the package? *(most advertisers might just want the empty bottle back,
or just one CD back…ask!)

5. I recommend paying for delivery confirmation when returning. It only costs 55 cents and you have proof in case they somehow never got it!

6. If you suspect you’re not getting the right return info/instructions, call back and speak with someone else.

You’d be surprised how many different answers you get for the same question.