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Getting Started

Getting Started

How Do I Get Started?  

In this section I will guide you through a series of steps to start making money right away at GPT-ing! It is fun  and easy, and the more you do the more comfortable you’ll become. The information below may sound  overwhelming at first, but if you go slow and are willing to learn you will be a pro in no time!

1. Set up a private phone number.

Unless you like your home phone ringing constantly, get a separate phone number. NetZero’s PrivatePhone  ( is a great FREE service. It is a real, local telephone number that goes right to an  answering service. It can hold up to 10,000 messages. Anyone who calls your NetZero number can leave a  voice mail which you can check by phone or online.

Tip: Be sure to record a personal greeting so that it sounds like an authentic home number to callers.

2. Set up GPT Email

The freebies result in a ton of junk emails. To protect your main email account I recommend you set up several  “junk” email addresses and alternate these when doing the “freebies”.

You cannot use the same email address on more than one offer in the same family. For example, if you are  planning to do 10 Winning Surveys then you must use a different email address on all 10 otherwise only one of  them will approve. You need to be seen as a different member each time you fill out their surveys and they  keep track of this through your email address and cookies. So clear cookies and use different addresses on  each offer.

You do not have to create 10 different email addresses for this. What you should do is open a Gmail account.    Their email service is free and offers a ton of storage. Create an email address with the maximum characters  which is 30. When using this type of email you can place a period or periods in the address. Doing this keeps  the address valid but makes it appear like a different one.

If your Gmail address is makelotsofmoneywithgptsites@gmail then when you do your first Win survey you  will use that address. When you complete the second Win survey you will use the same address, but place a  period between the first two letters.

On the next Win Survey you will place a period between the second and third letters…and so on. Continue with  this pattern until you are at the end of your address (stop just before the @ symbol). Then change things up a  bit with the next survey. Place a period between the first two letters and another period between the last two  letters. With the next Win survey you can move the last period closer to the first, between two different letters. I  follow a certain pattern with the periods when I do my freebie offers.


By the time I’m finished with an email address I have used it well over 100 times on over 100 different freebie  offers. The last time I use the email address I put a period between every single letter. Then it’s time to retire  that email address and move on to another.

3.Choose which computer to use.

You may only join on one computer, under one IP address. You may not set up accounts at home and at work,  or have two people in the same household with accounts. Violations of these rules will result in you getting  banned.

4. Set up your computer for optimal success!

  • Do not use Netscape, Firefox, or the AOL browsers  Internet Explorer is recommended. I like to use Firefox/Mozilla for my everyday web surfing, and IE  specifically for GPTs. That way I can keep all of my cookies, recently visited pages, stored passwords,  etc. in Firefox while optimizing my GPT crediting in Internet Explorer.Accept all cookies!  In Internet Explorer, go to the “Tools menu. (at the top of your browser window) > “Internet Options” >  “Privacy” and move the “settings” bar to the very bottom.
  • Delete cookies after every freebie offer. To do this, click on tools > internet options > delete your  cookies. (BUT deleting cookies will log you out automatically every time) Better yet, download (In between offers, I just run the cleaner and it takes seconds)
  • Download Roboform This is a great time saver. It will fill in long registration and  checkout forms with one click. You’ll really appreciate this free tool once you start doing lots of freebie  offers.
  • Do not use dial-up accelerator – it alters your IP address such that the advertiser cannot track it. Do  not use a dial-up accelerator while using the site.
  • Allow pop-ups in the browser you are using.  If you have disabled pop-up in your browser insure enabling pop-ups before starting out.
5. Choose what sites you are going to sign up at.  

There are several of GPT sites out there, and you can register for as many as you like. I would recommend  registering up with one to begin with, and later on you can join more when you are comfortable with the way the process works.

The sites i suggest are Deal Barbie Pays and Cash Duck.   These sites have fast crediting  offers, great user support, and variety. Use the links below when signing i have removed the referral code so that I can’t get credit for referring  you! See Appendix II for a list of other great sites to try down the road!

For Cash Duck, the link is:
For Deal Barbie Pays the link is: 

Registering your account at these sites is very simple, just fill in your information and follow the on screen instructions.  If you want you  can use your usual email address and phone number when signing up…as far as i know the site owners do not sell your  information, and they need to have a reliable way to contact you if they have questions. You don’t want emails  from the site getting buried in your GPT/Spam email box!


Getting Paid

Getting Paid

1. With most GPT sites, you’ll have to request to get paid. It’s referred to as “cashout” or “withdraw”. Almost all GPTs pay on the same schedule. For all withdraw requests put in before 11:59PM EST on the last day of the month, you will be paid by the 25th of the next month, possibly sooner. Check with the terms of the website you join, they may have a different schedule.

2. Most GPT programs pay by check and/or paypal. To accept paypal payments you will need to make sure that your account has been verified. To do this you will need to link your paypal to a checking account or credit card. It’s easy and safe.

3. You will need to submit a W9 tax form to each gpt program site once you reach $600 ($400 on some sites) in any given year. The gpt sites are obligated to report any earnings over $600. At the end of the year they will report your earnings to the IRS and will also send you a 1099 form showing your total earnings.

Income from gpt programs is considered “misc. earnings”. To learn more about filing “misc” earnings or to learn how your income from these programs will affect your filing status etc please contact the IRS.

Some Final Important Tips

DO NOT take any chances of getting your account deleted! You’ve worked hard for the money in your account;

DON’T give the admin a chance to take it all from you. Not only will they not pay you, you might get banned from coming back!!

1. Read the site’s terms and conditions and look for violations.

2. All sites require you to use real info. Just do it and don’t even try using the phonebook for address/numbers. The risk is not worth it. (but do use those free voicemail services as mention above)

3. Don’t allow anyone to signup at the same IP address (at the same place where you signup). And you shouldn’t signup at another member’s place.

4. All sites have this rule: you cannot complete the same offers at different sites. It’s fraud and it’s a major violation.

5. Be sure to take advantage of each site’s forums since they contain valuable information.

6. Curious about how a trial offer rates among other GPTer’s? Do a search for the offer at