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Making Money with GPT Sites

A Beginner’s Tutorial to Earning Cash at Home

What is GPT?

GPT stands for “get-paid-to“. These programs pay you cash to complete short surveys and to sign up for trial memberships with online companies. So far I’ve not found a better way to make money online! Last month alone I made over $650, and won movie tickets and a $50 Target gift card!

There are 3 ways you can earn money with these programs. You can do any or all of the above…nothing is mandatory to participate!

a) Complete the 100% free non-credit card offers (aka “freebies”)
b) Complete a paid offer or trial
c) Referrals from friends or links

About Freebies:

Most of the GPT programs have “freebie” offers. These are offers that do not require a credit card. They do not pay a lot (anywhere from .30 to several dollars) but take very little to complete…anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes in my experience. Doing freebies is a very quick and easy way to increase your earnings…especially if you are unable to or do not wish to use a credit card.

Most freebie offers are surveys, where you enter in your contact information and answer a series of demographic questions. Basically, they are paying you for your contact information, which they can then sell to other marketers.

There are also many free offers that pay $1-$6 (and more) which require that you only request more information about a product or service…or just request a free car/life insurance quote etc.

Doing the various freebie offers is a very simple, risk free & fast way to build up your earnings. I expect to make at least $200 off them each month.

About Paid or Trial Offers:

Some of the most high-paying offers require a credit/debit card number to sign up, and sometimes charge a  “shipping and handling” or “trial” fee of $1-$9.99. As long as you cancel the services prior to your trial deadline  then your card is charged nothing.

If you do not cancel then you are basically agreeing to continue with the  service and are giving the company permission to charge your card a fee. If you feel uncomfortable using a  credit/debit card online then get a prepaid gift card that can’t be charged more than what you put on it. This way  you don’t have to worry about a company charging you for fees after you cancel. I’ll tell you more about prepaid  gift cards below.

GPT programs make their money through advertisers. The advertisers pay the programs to recruit new  members to try their services/products for a short period of time… hoping that they will remain a paying member  after their trial period has ended.

To make money, you simply click on an offer that you find interesting and sign  up for a trial membership. You are under no obligation to remain a member and you may simply cancel your  membership before your trial period ends.

For example, on offer may be to try Blockbuster Online for free for 14  days and get paid $35. If you like the service they provide then do not cancel and the credit card (or prepaid)  that you signed up with will be charged a monthly fee after your trial ends and will continue until you cancel.  There are hundreds of offers and new offers are added regularly.

About Referral Income:

A referral is someone that has signed up under you through your referral link. You can make from 10% to 20% of what your referrals earnings, depending on the GPT site. 2nd level referrals are those who sign up under your referral, and sites usually pay around 5% for these.

If someone signs up under you, you are paid the referral income by the GPT site, it does not come out of your referee’s income. For example, if you refer someone to a site and they earn $100, the site will pay them their $100 PLUS pay you $10.

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?